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Reduces Pain

Improves soft tissue/joint mobility


Mobility and ROM


Session usually consists of a combination of manual therapy which may include dry needling, cupping, instrumented soft tissue mobilization (scraping), soft tissue work and joint mobilizations as well as an exercise component that may include but not limited to mobility, strength, stability and corrective exercise.

Improve Performance

Increase Strength

Increase Stability

Activation and Muscle Recruitment

Prevent Injury

Session will be based on group or individual needs and may include functional strength, agility and speed development and injury prevention.  

Group session will optimize motivation, make it fun and allow the youth to work together to achieve their best.

Improve technique

Improve performance

Decrease pain/limitations

We will focus on simplifying running and find the cause of the limitation so we can immediately  give you cues and feedback on what to adjust to make running more efficient.

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